Born in Liverpool, Euphemia was known as Dolly.  her father, originally from Pimlico, was a ship’s steward. Her mother was born in Liverpool.  Living in Mill St, Toxteth in 1891 by 1901 the family had moved to Harlech St in Everton. They are still listed there in 1911.  She would have taught in the Catholic school system.

in 1901, Dolly is listed as a Post Office Clerk, but by 1911 she is listed as a school teacher.  She eventually became a Headteacher.

Dolly was tall, and very straight.  She always dyed her hair black.  When she retired, she let it grow out a bit and then had it cut very short, so it was all white.  When my parents married, she insisted on lending them 100 - a huge amount of money in those days!

Dolly died in Crosby in 1958, aged 72.  Mum told her sister Ada about the money, and they agreed it should be spent on masses for Dolly.

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