SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND, London Rd.   The pupils are employed in making worsted rugs, carpetings, lobby cloths, sacks without seams, all kinds of twine, sash and blind cord, foot bears, knit, wove and leather shoes, and basket work of every description,  The pupils are also instructed in music and singing, and prepared for the situation of organists

Patron - His most gracious Majesty the King;  President - H. Blundell Hollinshead, Esq.;  Vice-president  - W. Nicholson, Esq. ; Treasurer - M Wilson;  Chaplain and Secretary - Rev e. Hull, M.A.;  Physician - Dr Lewin;     Surgeon - Mr Hay;  Superintendent  - Mr J Lucy   Matron  - Mrs Lucy;  Collector - Mr J Hanks


BLUE COAT HOSPITAL, School lane for the support of orphan and fatherless children, or of those who are in indigent circumstances; they are clothed, fed and lodged; the boys are taught reading, writing and arithmetic; the girls reading, writing and housewifery.  They are admitted at nine years old, and put out apprentices at fourteen.  Present number in the Institution, 250 boys and 100 girls, total 350. 

Treasurer  - R. Dobson, Esq.;  Superintendent  - Mr W. Foster;  Collector  - Mr J. Banks


HUNTER STREET CHARITY SCHOOL, under the Established Church, was built by the later Mr Stephen Waterworth, 1792 and endowed in 1803, by bequest, with the sum of 1000 from the late Mrs Frances Waterworth, his sister.  Total in the school 160 boys, 100 girls. 

Trustees:  J Bolton, Esq.;   Rev. Rich. Formby;  Rev. Roger Hesketh Formby;  Mr Geo Brooke;  T Littledale Esq.;    Mr T Corrie;  Mr Ambrose Lace;   Treasurer - Mr W Vaughan


ST JAMES’ CHARITY SCHOOL, St James’ Rd. Erected in 1802 by the late Moses Benson, Esq. who endowed the same by a further sum of 1,000; it is conducted on the Madras system of education in the principles of the Established Church.  Maintained by donations and voluntary annual subscriptions.  Number of boys, 208; girls 150; total, 358

Chairman of the committee - Rev. John Smith, A.M.;  Treasurer - Mr Richard Radcliffe


St ANDREW’S FREE SCHOOL, Fleet St, erected in 1818 by the bounty of John Gladstone, Esq. MP and endowed by him from the rents of St Andrew’s Church, for the instruction of 150 boys and 130 girls on the National or Madras system.  Admittance on the recommendation of a trustee, or a seat holder in St Andrew’s Church. 

Trustees:  W. Simmons Esq.;  Rt Bickersteth, Esq.;  J Eden Esq.;   Wm Jones Esq.;  Rev J. Jones; 


ST ANDREW’S SUNDAY SCHOOL, Mitchell Place, Ranelagh St, for boys and Renshaw St for girls. Boys in the school, 75 girls 65, total 140


CORPORATION SOUTH FREE SCHOOL, Park Lane, opened Jan 22nd 1827, Number of boys 320, girls 250, total 570.


CORPORATION NORTH FREE SCHOOL, opened April 23rd 1827, Number of boys 320, girls 250, total 600.


OLD CHURCH SUNDAY and SUNDAY CHARITY SCHOOL. Number of boys 200; girls, 110.  Rev T. Johnson


ST MATTHEW’S DAILY & SUNDAY SCHOOL Daily schools in Hackins Hey, commenced 1822.  Sunday Schools instituted 1812 and 1822, in Lumber St, Cheapside and Hackins Hey. In the daily schools 230 boys; 120 girls, total 350. In the Sunday Schools 200 boys, 250 girls, total 450. 

President  - Rev. T Tattersall, A.M.;  Secretary - Mr H S Fox


ST MARK’S SCHOOLS, erected in 1818 by voluntary contributions.  Number of boys, 177; girls 127. 

Treasurer  - Mr T Muncaster


WELSH CHARITY SCHOOL, Russell St, instituted 1st March 1804 for instructing, clothing and apprenticing poor children descended from Welsh parents, born in or near Liverpool.  Supported by subscription. 320 boys, 90 girls.

Patron - His Most Gracious Majesty;  President - Colonel Parry;  Vice President  - J Hughes, Esq.;  Treasurer - Rev J Brooks, M.A.;  Secretary - J. H. Clough, Esq.


MANESTY’S LANE DAY & SUNDAY CHARITY SCHOOL, supported by subscription. In the day school. 80 boys and 80 girls, and 24 boys in the Sunday school.

President  - Rev. John. Grundy;  Treasurer  - Mr Thomas Fletcher;  Secretary - Mr E Wilsher


MOUNT PLEASANT CHARITY SCHOOL, connected with the Unitarian Chapel, Renshaw St, supported by subscription.  In the school, 125 boys and 57 girls.  Secretary and Treasurer  - Mr John D Thornely



For the Boys’ Schools:  Treasurer – Mr T. Cook; Secretary – Mr J. Radcliffe

For the Girls’ Schools:  Patroness – Mrs Forshaw, Secretary – Mrs Byrom


Numbers in the schools






Leeds St





Jordan St










Estimated annual expense - 850.


HARRINGTON SCHOOLS, Stanhope St established in 1815 for the education of poor children in Toxteth Park of all religious denominations. Supported by subscription.  In the school, 180 boys, 160 girls and 156 infants

President – Mr J. W. Thomas;  Treasurer – Mr R Fletcher;  Superintendent – Mr R. V. Yates


CATHOLIC CHARITY SCHOOL, Copperas Hill, erected in 1806, supported by subscription.  In the school, 230 boys, and 200 girls

Lady Patroness – Mrs Bentenac;  President – Mr Roger Anderton;  Vice-President – Mr N Roskell;   Treasurer – Mr J Leigh;  Secretary – Mr T Rimmer


SEAMEN’S FRIEND SOCIETY SCHOOL and BETHEL UNION, Lower Sparling St, supported by subscription.  In the school, 177 boys.


CIRCUS ST DAY and SUNDAY SCHOOL, for the instruction of both sexes, and of grown up persons; supported by subscription.  In the day school, 200 boys and 107 girls.

Treasurer – Mr C. H. Jones;  Secretary – Mrs S. Hope


CALEDONIAN FREE SCHOOL, Oldham St, erected in 1812, for the education of children of Scotch parentage; supported by subscriptions and donations. In the school, 160 boys and 90 girls

President – James Aiken, Esq.;  Vice President – Mr John Brown;  Vice President –  Mr George Duncan;  Treasurer – Mr Thomas Macgill;  Chaplain – Rev. Hugh Ralph;  Secretary – Dr Hannay


BENEVOLENT SOCIETY OF ST PATRICK, Pleasant St, instituted 17th March, 1807, supported by subscription, for educating, clothing and apprenticing poor children descended from Irish parents.  In the school. 270 boys and 140 girls.

Patron – The Right Honourable Earl Fitzwilliam;  President – Mr R. Bathewall;  Vice President – Mr C. W. Williams;  Vice President – Mr W. Brown;  Treasurer – Mr Gordon;  Secretary – Mr E Cearns, jun


HEATH ST, HARRINGTON DAY and SUNDAY CHARITY SCHOOLS (for girls only) supported by subscription.  In the lower school, 110 girls; in the higher school, 56 girls.


SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION – being a connexion of the Independents, Baptists, Tent Methodists, Methodist New Connexion, and Welsh Calvinists, give Sunday School instruction to 3,500 children including those who attend the day schools.


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