Church of England Secondary School.  Became a girls only school around 1912.  Moved from Colquitt St to Devonshire Rd, close to Princes Rd and Princes Park gates, around 1925. The school is listed at Devonshire Rd in 1930; the Headteacher at that time was Miss Celia HEMMINGS.  St Edmund’s merged with Liverpool Girls’ College to form Archbishop Blanch in 1981.

Brenda LAWS née McGUINNESS attended from 1937 to 1956.  She has given me lots of information about the school:

The headmistress who followed Celia HEMMINGS (Classics) was Mervyn Buller LEWIS (Modern Languages) with whom I learned Spanish in the sixth form (her only pupil!).  Other teachers were: English - Mrs ROBERTS; French - Mrs EVANS; Maths  - Mrs A MUTCH (Wirral?); History - Miss Jean? BATTY (later killed in a climbing accident in the 1960s/70s); Geography - Miss WIZZARD (I think that was the spelling - lived on the Wirral), PE - Miss BUSBY

We were all placed into houses - named, I believe, after reigning governors; I was in McNeill  who wore green bands; the others were Harrison (yellow) and Spooner (red) - I cannot remember who was blue! It is some years since I visited Liverpool, and discovered that my old school has been converted into apartments. It was such a lovely old house to be schooled, and I still remember the sixth form privileges which meant so much.

St Edmunds_HT

Above:  Headmistress. Gill BROMLEY tells me that her name was Kathleen GOODACRE and she wrote a book called  A History of St Edmunds College, Liverpool 1898-1981.


Above:  the building in Devonshire Rd is now apartments

Left:  St Edmund’s Prep School (courtesy Liverpool Record Office).

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