King David Primary School in Beauclair Drive opened in 1964.  It closed its doors to pupils on 19th July 2011, as the school prepared to move to the new King David Campus on Childwall Rd.  People who had been involved with the schools have sent in photographs and anecdotes to mark the building which is remembered with great fondness.


Top row-L to R:-Mrs RAMM,?, Malcolm Sandman, Ian Goodman, Michael Morris, Ian Viner, Twins-Timothy & Nicholas?, Leslie ?,?

Middle-L to R:-Simon Gross, Simon Rish, Rosalyn Simon, Shelley Bennett, Lynn Haft, Beverley Cohen, Susan Jackson, Hilary Harris(Gorney), Nicky Boher(Sultman), Deborah Finkler, Deborah Roskin(Hershcovitch), Paul Beacon, ? , Daniel Fishel

Front-L to R:-Hilary Pearl, Rena Shaw, Stephanie Berg, Anita Wong, Madeleine Gore, Jackie Elter, Shelley Wolfman.

This was class J2 (Year4).  The teachers were Mrs RAMM and Mrs Vera ANSELL - they were part-time.

Nicky BOHER (now SULTMAN) went to Mosspits school then started at King David 1965 and left at the end of the Spring Term 1969. Nicky tells me that from this class,  some are now living in Australia, others in London and Manchester.  Some of the pupils had come from Leeds, others had attended the school in Hope Place.  A number of the pupils now live in Israel. She says...   I remember Brent ISAACS being in my class, but I think he started in 3rd year. Also, Howard WINKIK (perhaps he was off that day?

The other class had:- Rosina BURMAN, Estelle and Eric BASKIND, COHEN twins, WATERMAN twins, Ben HELLER, Ruth GRAMT, Sharon ROSEN (Israel), Carolyn SAMUELS (emigrated to Australia in 1969), Freda GOLDSTEIN , Lawrence GOLDMAN, Lorraie QUEST, Deborah BROWN amongst others.


Thanks to Elliot SULTMAN for this photo of the Reception class.  Elliot has kept in touch with pupils who now live in Oxford, London, Manchester, Brighton and - of course - Liverpool.  Colin WINTER went on to be Head Boy and Miranda ABRAHAM Head Girl in 1979/80.

Other class:-Gary Davis, Ruth Burman, Mark Bracey, Philip Goldman, Tony Wolfman, Richard & Caroline Quest, Max Levy(a Doctor, lives in Warrington), Ruth Davidson, Amin Hassan.

The other class teachers that year were :-J1-Mrs Fleur PACKMAN and Mrs WATERMAN. J2 Mrs Joan COHEN. J3 Mr HODDES (I had Miss Judith SEGAL in 3rd year, but she may not have been there previous year. J4 Mrs JONES (Deputy Head) and Mr GRIFFITHS

Infants:- Year above Reception – Mrs FAIRBROTHER and ? Top Infants-Mrs GOLDMAN (Head of Infants)


Back row:-L to R:-Miss CLARKE, Matthew Levin, Glynn Pearson, Colin Winter, Mark Singer, David Tasker, Paul Gould, Alan Shaw, Elliot Ross, Elliot Sultman,

Second from back:-?, Graham Hilton, Graham Ward, Mark Strong, Gary Goodman, Ray Hyman, Jonathan Bishop, ?, ?

Next:-Julian Dutch, Rachel Roskin (Monchar), Julia Hesselberg,?, Davina White, Suzanne Goldstein, Michelle Harris,?

Front:-Stephanie Goodman, Sharon Dansky, Miranda Abraham, Julia Polak, Sian Holliday, Catherine Phelps, ?, Caroline Loman

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