Listed in Slater’s 1859 Directory; presumably enlarged in 1860 and then again in 1893.   Listed elsewhere as Anfield, Richmond Park and Walton Breck.  The Liverpool record Office has records dating from 1863.  The school closed due to falling rolls in 1983 when the children transferred to St Margaret’s Anfield.  The temporary Head - Mrs M WEIGHTS - went to St John the Evangelist.  The building was demolished.

Sheila WOOLLEY found a school log book for her father’s old school, Walton Breck Trinity C E. He attended this school from about 1927, he had borrowed it several years earlier from an ex headmaster of this school.  Sheila made some notes before passing the log book on to the Record office to complete their set!  Thanks to Sheila for the notes below.


Staff  at May 1923



















Selection of Log books entries covering the war years


    • Aug 31 Received message that the school to be evacuated tomorrow, Friday Sept 1, Train No W.21 to leave Breck Road station and journey to Aberystwth, Wales.  Party No54. School closed at 4pm today.
    • No entries between Aug 1939 and Aug1940


    • Aug 19 School reopened this Monday morning in charge of Mr. W NASH with Miss GEORGE and Miss WEBSTER assisting. 
    • Since Nov 23rd 1939 home teaching groups have been carried on for the children who were not evacuated or had returned from the Reception Area. Miss GEORGEe and Mr JARRETT returned from the Reception Area on Nov 20 to carry on this work in charge of Mr NASH who had remained in the Evacuation Area. 
    • Aug 26  the supply of milk to scholars, both free and at reduced rate was continued as from this date, 72 bottles being supplied.  Some children had two each day. Eight boys received free milk.  The Penny Bank was re-opened and new members were encouraged.
    • Aug 30 This afternoon at 2.40 heavy anti-aircraft firing was heard and the whole school immediately proceeded to the shelters.  Ten minutes later the siren sounded and the alarm lasted until 3.50.  The children sang choruses to the accompaniment of the gramophone and did not seem to mind the ordeal in the least.
    • Sept 4  Most of this day was spent in and out of shelters.  Owing to the disturbed night, very few children attended at all.  There were four separate warnings during the day, and the time was spent singing choruses and playing games.
    • Sept 6 Work of the school continues to be interrupted by Raid warnings. Both today and yesterday several periods were spent in the shelters.
    • Sept 10 Service in Church at 9am very sparsely attended.  Very few children arrived before 10am owing to disturbed night.
    • Nov 4 School reassembled this morning having been closed for a week owing to enemy action. A bomb demolished part of the building on Friday Oct 25 at 9.30pm.  No children were in the building at that time and no casualties were suffered.  The end of the building nearest to the church was completely wrecked and most to the furniture and stock at that end destroyed.
    • Arrangements were made however for the school to carry on using the Parish Hall for the boys and girls, the infants department still using their own building.
    • Nov 8 Today has been a day of alarms.  Four warning were sounded during the day and each time the school went into the shelters.
    • Salvage operations have been going on all this week, and the greater part of school stock seems to be safe.
    • Nov11 Armistice Day 1940  - No special ceremony was taken, but each teacher took the opportunity to have a quiet talk with the class on the significance of the day.
    • Poppies were sold in the school during the day, and the appeal met with a ready response. Miss WEBSTER was granted leave of absence for the day owing to her marriage.
    • Dec2nd We started school this morning with only two teachers, Miss George and myself, Miss WEBSTER having terminated her engagement on Friday last.    
  •  1941  
    • Wed Jan 8 Children registered for special evacuation were medically examined this afternoon, and told to report at school at 10.30 the following morning all ready for the journey.
    • Thurs Jan 9  School opened as usual for children remaining.  The party to be evacuated attended at 10.30, kits were inspected, labels and identity ribbons distributed and the party set off at 11am in charge of Miss GEORGE for Edge Hill Station.  Their train was due to leave at 12.05 and their destination Towyn. During the absence of Miss GEORGE on escort duty, her class was in charge of Miss SKRIMSHIRE, lent by Miss CRESSWELLfor that purpose.
    • Tues Jan 14  Miss GEORGE arrived back this morning and took over her usual class, having left the evacuated party comfortably billeted and attending the local school.
    • Wed March 5  Gas mask drill from 1.30 - 2.00 as instructions.  At 2.15 - Air Raid Warning was heard - the first in school hours since Jan 10.  On reaching the shelters we found Gas curtains had been fitted so the opportunity was taken to explain their use.
    • Thurs March 13  Attendance very low owing to night air raid.  Only 14 present out of 43 boys.
    • Wed Mar 19   Evacuation party left at 9.30 this morning for Aberystwyth in charge of Miss BEWLEY.  Only four children went – two infants and two boys.  They left Lime St at 10.30 and were due to arrive at Borth at 3.10 pm .  Gas mask drill 3-3.30 as instructed.  Also inspection of identity cards.    
    • May 5 Owing to severe Air Raids over weekend school remained closed today.  Only two boys presented themselves and they were sent home.  The school playground and surroundings were covered with broken glass and bricks and were not in a fit condition to be used by the children.
    • Wed Jun 4 Inspection of gas masks by ARP Wardens.  All found to be defective and are to be replaced free.
    • Mon Oct 20     (Final entry)    School reopened this morning.  Three admissions make to roll 45. Medical Inspection completed during the morning.  Gas masks inspected by Wardens – defects pointed out and children warned to have them attended to.  
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