The photo was taken by Margaret TINKEN nee COAKLEY in 1958, when she was pupil there.  She transferred to Sacred Heart Seniors later that year.  Margaret writes:

My first school was Bernard Street, which was the other feeder school for Sacred Heart Secondary Modern School in Hall Lane.  Bernard Street was situated roughly where the Blood Transfusion building  was at the back of the Royal Hospital, it must have been a very large parish to have two feeder schools.

Canon Kennedy had a nun as headmistress Sister Mary Imelda, she was very strict and ever ready with the strap. I remember a couple of the teachers names, Miss ALLAN and Miss FRASER. It was a typical catholic primary school geared towards the eleven plus, religion played a major part of the school curriculum and occupied (to my young mind) a major part of the day. We had a good grounding in the main subjects and lots of emphasis on sewing and knitting. Although I don't have many bad memories of this school, I hated school in general and I do think maybe it was not as rosy as I remember.

Terence Davies, the Hollywood director went to Sacred Heart at the same time I did and if you watch his trilogy of films which he wrote and directed, it heavily features his hard time at the school which was the boys senior school but he must have gone to one of the primaries because he lived in Kensington Street.

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