The building which is now the Juniors opened in 1938; Infants’ building is dated 1955.  The Junior School has its own website.

Colin HAGUE attended the school.  Colin had a look at the history of the school written by the children on the BBC website.  He writes:

I was a pupil from Sep 1939 until July 1945, so was there throughout WW2.

The handwriting in the log book for that period could only have been by Mrs PARRY. She was a very strict headmistress but, in retrospect, must have had a very difficult job to do during the war. She wore the same suit every day. We thought it was made of blackout material.

Other teachers I remember were Miss PRICE (first year), Miss MARSHALL, Miss BARROW (who became Mrs McGOWAN), Mrs FLETCHER, and top juniors Miss CRAVEN (I was in love with her).

Mrs FLETCHER was married to an army officer, who came to visit one day and was much embarrassed by being cheered by the whole school. She became pregnant (causing a lot of sniggering) and left fairly quickly.

I remember going into the smelly air raid shelters, making rude noises when we practised with gas masks, milk in little bottles – often frozen, and coal deliveries for heating (I got into severe trouble for running up a heap of coal which had just arrived). The caretaker was Mr CANDILAND.

Of course in those days we celebrated Empire Day, singing patriotic songs which Mrs PARRY plonked out on the piano.


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